Pass it on: NYT story of teenage girls arrested for plotting suicide bombing

From a reader:
This is outrageous. Many of you have probably read about the Guinean and Bangladeshi girls (16-year-olds) who were arrested by the US government and accused of planning to be suicide bombers. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times:
According to a government document provided to The New York Times by a federal official earlier this week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has asserted that both girls are "an imminent threat to the security of the United States based on evidence that they plan to be suicide bombers." No evidence was cited, and federal officials will not comment on the case. Its mysteries deepened as teachers and neighbors gave details of the Guinean girl's life, like the jeans she wore under her Muslim garb, her lively classroom curiosity about topics like Judaism and art and her after-school care for four younger siblings while her parents, illegal immigrants who have lived in the United States since 1990, eked out a living. Until now, attention has focused on the other 16-year-old, a Bangladeshi girl reared in Queens who could not deal with the hurly-burly of her West Side high school and withdrew into home schooling. Yesterday, on a motion of the government, an immigration judge closed the Bangladeshi girl's bond hearing to the public and adjourned it to next Thursday, said Troy Mattes, a lawyer who is taking over the case but has yet to meet her. By the Bangladeshi girl's account, reported by her mother, the girls did not meet until March 24, after their separate arrests in early-morning raids on immigration charges against their parents. Both grew up in Islamic families. But while the Bangladeshi girl had grown increasingly pious, and uncomfortable in the urban culture of the High School of Environmental Studies on West 56th Street, the Guinean girl, a 10th grader, embraced every aspect of Heritage High, at 106th Street and Lexington Avenue, her teachers said.

Since when did we start playing by Saddam Hussein’s rules? Our government is out of control. If you have time, please call your senators and ask for an investigation of these arrests. Or you can call the Homeland Security Committee that oversees this kind of action. The Chairman is Senator Susan Collins, 202-224-4751, and the Ranking Member is Joe Lieberman, 202-224-2627.


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