Ruthless SOBs

From the Gadflyer:
It wasn't enough that the administration went after the NAACP's tax exempt status after its leaders were critical of the President. Now the big-business interests holding the strings want to use a bunch of government audits to put the screws to the union movement. From the Financial Times:
The US government aims to toughen its regulation of organised labour in what critics see as the latest in a series of pro-business policies sweeping Washington. The Department of Labor plans greater scrutiny of spending and hiring practices and will continue to increase sharply the number of financial audits of individual unions. It says the measures are necessary to make unions more accountable to their members and to root out any corruption or mismanagement.

This from the administration that doesn't seem the least bit concerned about war-profiteering in Iraq, or the Coalition Provisional Authority's "loss" of 9 billion taxpayer dollars. Union leaders argue the clampdown is motivated by pressure from corporate America to weaken the lobbying influence and financial power of organized labor.


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