You knew it was just a matter of time after the WMD intel report came out...

And I'm sure this guy will be on FOX 24/7. Via the Hoffmania blog:
Senator Kit Bond! Come On Down! YOU'RE the first assface to blame Clinton for the intel report!
The United States' pre-war intelligence on Iraq was dead wrong, according to the president's Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction. Despite the report, Missouri's senior U.S. senator says the decision to go to war was still the right one. Bond is a member of the Select Committee on Intelligence. In an interview here on Thursday, Bond said the bad intelligence came from an archaic system based on assumptions rather than thorough analysis and human intelligence. He also placed much of the blame on the Clinton administration. The commission’s report says the harm done to American credibility will take years to undo. “The intelligence community had not challenged its own assumptions, did not provide the caveats they should have about some of their sources,” said Bond. The senator notes that the commission cleared the Bush administration of manipulating the intelligence for political purposes. He took a shot at the Democrats. “The Clinton administration cut the intel budget by 20 percent. The Director of Intelligence got rid of spies -- human intelligence that we badly needed in the war against terror,” said Bond.


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